Previous post mention that our Penang APRS infrastructures were taken offline due to hardware upgrade, now I’ll write about the upgrades we did to our iGate.

This upgrade consists of a new custom ordered transceiver which allow us to decode the APRS packets directly to the TNC without going through the transceiver’s audio processor which means there’s no more missing packets due volume misalignment unlike those QRP digipeater runs off a portable radio where you need to tune the volume to an acceptable level where it decode the packets nicely. The transceiver draws only 5v so it can be powered by the TNC’s onboard 5v output that means there’s no need to tap to external power source and the installation will be clean.


Sneak peak of our technical personal doing the tests before the iGate go live at 9W2POP’s QTH.

The downside of the custom transceiver module is its only 1w and after the 10meters long coaxial losses it left around 0.5w, but since its an igate which connects to internet we don’t bother much about the transmission power as it receive the decoded packets from digipeater and update to our APRS Gateway server.

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