APRSDroid just updated their application recently and this is an installation guide using APRSDroid with Malaysia,Singapore, Brunei OSM Map (OpenStreetMap).

1. Download Mapfile and APRSdroid Offline Map apps.

2. Go Setting (3 dots up right corner) > Preferences


3. You can key in your Callsign  , APRS-IS Passcode , APRS SSID , APRS Symbol and Comment accordingly.


4.Next you can choose Connection Protocol

Setting 2

  • For APRS-IS via Internet/Data Choose TCP connection.
  • If you have cable connected to your VOX capable handy ,You can select AFSK via Speaker/Mic .
  • If you have APRS TNC capable hardware you may choose Bluetooth TNC


5. You can connect to our APRS Network, default the port is 14580 if you do not need any server side filters. If you do need one please refer to the list below for the necessary port to choose.


Main Hub/Central Rotate Server

Filters and Port

Client Defined Filter
14580 (TCP/UDP)

Penang Feed
14581 (TCP/UDP)

CWOP Feed ( Weather Stations )
14582  (TCP/UDP)

Malaysia Feed ( Only Shows Malaysia Callsigns )
14583  (TCP/UDP)


6. Scoll and click on Map file name to choose map file that you had downloaded .

Setting 2

chose map file

7. You had done configuration of APRSDroid, you may start using the application .

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