There will be an HAB launch from USM Nibong Tebal, Penang today carrying a dual band voice repeater payload which can be access from the frequency below.

Uplink 435.935 Tone 203.5
Downlink 145.935

There will be an APRS tracker onboard the HAB with the callsign 9M4ESC-11 for telemetry tracking and retrieval. [ TRACK 9M4ESC-11 ].

– 1121hrs : HAB Launched
– 1131hrs : APRS onboard HAB malfunctioned and only reporting default programmed GPS location, temperature and pressure datas. There are no way to know where the exact location of the HAB.
– 1245hrs : HAB reported start to decend
– 1710hrs :Retrieval team failed to locate the HAB in the predicted dropzone which is in the Melacca Straits, HAB team officially announce the payload is total lost.

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