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New addition to our APRS Network

Dear all,

We’ve put up a secondary ARPS server which locate at a different datacenter for fail over and load balance, Connect to will automatically route you to the less-load APRS server available.

de 9W2POP

How To Connect | APRSdroid Offline Maps (using OSM)

9M4CSJ-10 Online

Our team just put up another igate/fill in digipeater in colabration with St John Ambulance Malaysia State of Penang to cover the air itam valley area.

New Domain Changes and Update

Its been a quite long time after the site is down as Iam busy with my works and didnt have time maintain the Blog and i even missed out the domain expiration date causing others to registered it, anyway I’ve get a new domain PenangAPRS.CF and this will be the final domain we will be using for blog/tracker and APRS-IS Server.

New patch for the APRS-IS server will be install and amount of the core servers will be reduce from 4 to 2 to cut down some expenses.

[Resolved] two@PGAPRS Downtime

Our APRS Server, two@PGAPRS  is currently down due to network issue, ticket filled and pending information from hosting provider. Core Hub has dropped the connection route for two@PGAPRS automatically after the incident happened so users will only connect to our available server instead the faulty one.

 10/5/2015 @ Faulty network card has been replaced and servers are back online.
 09/5/2015 @ ISP informed that the server's network card is faulty, replacement required.

If you are new to APRS and wanted to connect to our Network, you can click the link below.

How To Connect | APRSdroid Offline Maps (using OSM)


2015 Wesak Day Procession

We were called in to provide APRS support for 2015 Wesak Day Procession, as the event’s communication runs on a commercial voice repeater which act as the voice and APRS Repeater during the event. This increase the difficulty to capture the APRS packets as theres voice going on at the same time.

We also developed a web tracking interface which paired with our Private APRS Server to provide live personal location plotting through out the event.


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