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Penang APRS Group is founded by few amateur radio enthusiast in penang (9W2POP, 9W2LCF and 9W2FKT) which were sitting at a local coffee shop discussing about location tracking for event usage without relying on GSM network, which during a big event cellular network is pretty much overloaded and you barely get signal out of it even on the most basic GPRS network.  More research and they found APRS from Google and from there required infrastructure were setup from scratch.

In 2014 December, MARTS approached us in a colabration of setting up a penang digipeater (9M4RPP-3) whereby Penang APRS Group will fully supply the equipment and MARTS provides us location for the Digipeater installations which is at one of the highest peak of Penang Island – Bukit Bendera.

In 2016 October, We collaborate with DMRNET 5021 Malaysia for providing the APRS server connection to their Brandmeister Master server locally thus our APRS services renamed to DMRNET01, DMRNET02.

Penang APRS Group currently operates 2 unit of  APRS Server in round-robin loadbalancing mode along with 1 Digipeater (9M4RPP-3) and 1 unit of iGate (9W2POP-3) for the receiving, we are currently looking to expand our APRS coverage. If you are interested in helping us to expand the APRS coverage kindly contact us at [email protected] or [email protected]

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